Marry Me a Little?

Posted on September 3, 2008

As I sit on the crowded train, I am a man alone, lost in his thoughts, as we hurtle towards Queens. I think about this moment – and the hundred of others leading up to it, and the thousands more that will hopefully arrive.

I’m at that age, it seems. You know – the age where most of your friends finally decide they’ve been members of the Bachelor’s Club long enough. Like a fort besieged, I can only watch helplessly as my comrades are picked off one-by-one by women outside our circle, seduced by alluring promises of forever.

Not that I’m not happy for them, of course. But what I find amusing is the suddenness with which they decide they no longer want to be alone. Two days from now, one of my friends is getting married. A little under half a year ago, one of my best friends got engaged. Both of them agree – in their partner, they’ve found a part of themselves they never even realized they were missing. Of course, trying to explain that to me is a little like trying to describe a Caribbean sunset to a blind man. “Just wait ‘till you meet someone.” They say. “You’ll know what we’re talking about.”

Until that time comes, I can speculate. Perhaps it’s like starting a new band – a creative union that gives birth to oh-so-many possibilities.


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