Finding Charlotte

Posted on September 9, 2008

Charlotte, is that you?

I’ve been told by various Manhattanites that my neighborhood resembles a quiet country village. In Queens, no less. Still, I can’t help but to be pleasantly shocked and amused by some of the wildlife that calls my backyard home. For instance, I was taking out the trash when I ran into this critter. The above photo is only a slight exaggeration – he (she?) was pretty big! The web was about half the size of a newspaper, spun in the corner of the outside of our screen porch – I nearly ran right into it on my way back inside.

Charlotte didn’t look like she was going anywhere, so I grabbed my D40 and flash, taking careful aim. I actually not a fan of bugs – I don’t run screaming like certain other…female friends I know, but I usually keep my distance. This turned out to be another case where my love of photography overrode my natural apprehension.

Who knew the camera could make me a brave man?

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One Response to “Finding Charlotte”

  1. OneLuvGurlNo Gravatar on September 10th, 2008 5:37 am

    🙂 Love this shot! You take such great photos!

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