Things I’ll Miss Most about Jersey…

Posted on September 22, 2008

Staring out the office window...

As our British Overlords transition us to our new roles, chances are that many of us will be moved out of the Jersey City office. While that moment can’t come soon enough for me, looking back, I realize that crossing the Hudson every day wasn’t all bad. Among the things I’ll miss:

  • The charming small neighborhood bars (Iron Monkey, etc).
  • The funky smell of the Hudson, assailing the nostrils on the way back to the office.
  • Hurricane-strength river winds, mussing hairstyles and tearing the umbrellas of all challengers.
  • The amiable ring of passing Light Rail trains.
  • Random dudes hustling Hershey bars at the PATH station.
  • The wandering Rico Coco (flavored ice) vendors; asking them to stack flavor after flavor, for only $1!

And most of all?

  • The killer view right behind my cubicle (pictured above).

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