Sandy and Chima: Surprise, You’re Getting Married!

Posted on October 20, 2008

It’s not even spring, yet love is in the air. Or maybe it’s something in the water? In any event, this past Saturday, Chima and Sandy, two of my best (and oldest) friends got engaged. Would you believe that they knew each other for 7 years before kicking things up a notch?

True to Chima’s mischievous style, he decided to make the occasion truly memorable. Driving her back to their school (Queens College), they reminisced about the first time they met – in a lecture hall, waiting for class to begin. Returning to said lecture hall, he got on his knees, locking his gaze with hers, and asked the age-old question she’d been yearning to hear.

“Will you marry me?”

She said yes, though not before making him “sweat a little bit”, he says. 🙂 But he wasn’t done yet! Unbeknown to her, he had arranged an intimate engagement party with both their families, set for that very evening. Blindfolding her, he claimed to be taking her to a fancy restaurant in the city. But when they “stopped by” his aunt’s house, and we turned on the lights, her reaction was priceless:

Surprise! You're getting married!

Well-done, Chima! And congratulations, you two! Keep reading for some more pictures from the event:

Some more pictures from the party:

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