Vay Kay in the Sunshine State: Prologue

Posted on November 27, 2008

At 4 AM, my alarm unceremoniously summoned me to the world of the waking. As I massaged my eyes, willing my legs to come alive, I asked myself: “When you’re unemployed, isn’t every day a vacation day?”

I was going to indulge the writer in me, writing a protracted monologue about going on vacation, taking time off to rediscover myself, etc, etc, etc, but sometimes life offers you much better material than you can make up. I was on my way to see Sea World by the seashore when this…er…heavily customized vehicle pulls up next to me. I know that Florida has its conservative Christian elements, but…well, just look for yourself!

Everyone Fear the Jesus Car!

Fear the Jesus Car! But considering that I’m in the home of Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, this kitschy approach to devotion may not be so out of place…

As you may have heard, in my infinite intelligence, I left my USB cable back in New York – meaning that I had to go for two full days without downloading (or backing up) my precious Shamu pictures! One (expensive!) trip to Best Buy later, I can now show you faithful readers exactly what I’ve been doing in the Sunshine State. I’ll post more photos when and if I get the time – and if the free Wi-Fi still works.

Until then, cheers, everyone!

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One Response to “Vay Kay in the Sunshine State: Prologue”

  1. BasilNo Gravatar on December 3rd, 2008 6:15 pm

    NIGEL!!! hope ure livin a gluttonous, drunk life on vaca. Why this hasnt been dugg, I do not know.

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