A Checklist for a New Year

Posted on January 2, 2009

The New Year’s Resolution is as old as Judaism and usually is as empty as a politician’s promise – do we really believe we’ll make sweeping changes in our life just because the year has incremented by one? Still, this is more than just an exercise in cynicism. I can certainly understand the optimism behind the start of a new year – when nothing is certain, anything is possible. So instead of making promises I probably won’t keep, I’ve thought of a few things I learned in 2008 that I should keep in mind for this, the last year of the decade.

Things I Need to Do (or face starvation, bankruptcy, and a possibly lower social standing)

  • GET A JOB!!!

Things I Should Keep in Mind

  • I am more than the sum of my paycheck, or the title on my business card.
  • Don’t judge others. Or if you must, consider how far they’ve come, not just how far they have left to go.
  • The only person who should be allowed to make you feel guilty is yourself. But don’t overdo it.
  • Think not of the twenty blocks to the subway station, but of your next step. And then your next after that, and so on.
  • Inspiration is merely the ignition to the engine of creativity. Both are useless if not fueled by discipline.
  • Shopping two days before Christmas is chaotic, deadly, and highly amusing.

And of course, feel free to yell at me if I forget any of these things.

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