…In Which our Hero Discusses his Tinkering Origins…

Posted on February 8, 2009

What can I say? I had a fantastic run – from late October to mid January, my sugar momma Barclays Capital so generously funded my unplanned journey of self-discovery. There were thoughtful moments, there were tears, and of course, plenty of lulz. But now, with severance a thing of the past and the economic Crysis in full swing, I venture into the wilds of the New York City job market. And that got me thinking – how much can you really tell about me from my resume? Yes, I’ve had interesting times with Bloomberg, L.P. and Lehman Brothers, but, like so many other members of my generation, my torrid affair with technology began long before then.

Though I’m a very vocal Mac fan, my first computer was actually not a Mac. My parents, being the practical accountants they were, got a PC – an old Leading Edge XT clone. Nothing builds computer literacy faster than a three-year-old navigating the DOS command line, hoping to find the Reader Rabbit directory. But what I remember most about that dinosaur was the Multimate word processor. Say what you will about Microsoft Word – at least it lets you start typing something within seconds. Multimate had you go through a long series of menus – to specify the type of document, the author, where it should be saved on disk, printing options….my dad never did figure it out. Five years later, having the time and tenacity of an eight-year-old (and still no computer of my own), I soon deciphered it, and learned how to type my homework on it. Needless to say, my parents were shocked and amused with this early display of competence.

Of course, my classmates and my teacher gave me queer looks when they saw my 80’s-esque dot-matrix printouts, but nobody said a word. Money was tight for many in those days, and even basic computers weren’t as cheap as they are now. And besides that, most of my friends were more interested in Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis anyway.

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