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Posted on August 31, 2008

So you want to know about me, huh? Well, I have one story and I’m sticking to it.

My name is Nigel, I’m 23, look at least 5 years younger, and I make my home in New York City.

I’m an Electrical Engineer by training, but I’ve mostly worked in the field of Software Development. My specialty seems to be writing Web Applications (in Rails, J2EE, or Adobe Flex).

I used to be a Java/Flex coder for a prominent financial firm. It was an interesting enough job that kept the refrigerator full and the landlords happy. I even got to be a part of the biggest bankruptcy in history, though that did end up costing me a job.

I’m also into creative writing, photography, movies, and anything that can be used to express the irrepressible human spirit.

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