Music: Emiliana Torrini at the Hiro Ballroom

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I’ve got to hand it to Not only are do they fill my speakers with new and interesting music, but they even manage to get me out of the house once in a while. Last week, when I was killing time  browsing my profile, they kindly informed me that Emiliana Torrini (you’ve heard her […]

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Mouth on Fire: Duncan Sheik (and friends) At Town Hall

Posted on November 17, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Music | Leave a Comment

I’m on a high, and there’s nothing more to it – listening to Duncan Sheik at Town Hall this past Thursday was definitely one of my year’s highlights. And I’m not exaggerating. If you’re one of my buddies, you probably understand just how obsessed I am with his music – apparently I listen to […]

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What’s the Artist Got To Do With it, Anyway?

Posted on October 26, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Music, Writing | 1 Comment

Not too long ago, I wrote a love letter to Roving Hearts, identifying Waltz for Koop as a gem within the world of nu-jazz (or whatever you want to call it) -seamlessly sampling decades of jazz to produce new classics that, note for note stand alongside their predecessors. I still consider myself a Koop-a Troopa […]

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Emilie Simon – The Cutting Room Experience

Posted on September 25, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Music | Leave a Comment

As I write this, my eyes are getting heavier by the minute; the clock ticks perilously to 2 AM, and every fiber of my being is calling for the warm bed behind me. But I dare not finish the day before telling you about my awesome evening – getting to hear Emilie Simon (a noted […]

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