Sign of My Times: Marketing Scams and Following the Dream

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There are those of us who, before making any decisions, search the universe for a sign – whether it be in the stars, a change of circumstances, the words of an intimate acquaintance… And sometimes, you are given a sign you aren’t even looking for. For those of you following the saga, I still have […]

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Music: Emiliana Torrini at the Hiro Ballroom

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I’ve got to hand it to Not only are do they fill my speakers with new and interesting music, but they even manage to get me out of the house once in a while. Last week, when I was killing time  browsing my profile, they kindly informed me that Emiliana Torrini (you’ve heard her […]

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Walking the Hemingway

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I could write an entire post about how good a novella The Old Man and the Sea is, but the Pulitzer Prize committee has conveniently done that for me. Suffice to say that reading Hemingway is like living a lucid dream, as ideas leap off the page into your head. And they stay there, like ribs […]

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Movies: Coraline

Posted on February 12, 2009 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Movies, Writing | Leave a Comment

If you roam the streets of the East Village, you might not even think there’s a recession gripping the country. It was only the middle of the week,but the restaurants were filled, people walked around Union Square Park with steaming cups of Starbucks, and there was a nice-sized line in the theater to see Coraline, […]

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…In Which our Hero Discusses his Tinkering Origins…

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What can I say? I had a fantastic run – from late October to mid January, my sugar momma Barclays Capital so generously funded my unplanned journey of self-discovery. There were thoughtful moments, there were tears, and of course, plenty of lulz. But now, with severance a thing of the past and the economic Crysis […]

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The Final Word on Kindle

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With all the buzz about the Amazon Kindle (and it’s upcoming successor), I’ve received quite a few questions about its current features, the way I use it, and how much money I spend buying books for it, among other things. Rather than answer a bunch of ad-hoc questions like an embattled politician at a press […]

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Funky Fireworks: Explosive Joy for Everyone

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Quick Quiz: What can cause people young and old, rich and poor, to stare up into the night sky, mouths open in awe, smiling and clapping for sheer joy? If you answered “alien invasion” or “nuclear detonation”, you’re only half correct. The almost primal joy a fireworks display can bring is quite fascinating; it’s as […]

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A Checklist for a New Year

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The New Year’s Resolution is as old as Judaism and usually is as empty as a politician’s promise – do we really believe we’ll make sweeping changes in our life just because the year has incremented by one? Still, this is more than just an exercise in cynicism. I can certainly understand the optimism behind […]

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On Being Vulnerable

Posted on December 26, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

As my childhood fades into a pleasant memory, people often ask me what I miss most about it. Summer vacations, Pokemon Cards, and Mr. Softee are high on that list, but give me a moment to speak, and I’ll go on and on about what I really miss – being invincible. Yes, I realize it […]

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‘Twas the (Penultimate) Night Before Christmas…

Posted on December 24, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

Sorry folks, no profound thoughts today – just the random happenings of a random day. “When something is lost, something greater is returned.” I suppose when the great wordsmith Terry Pratchett wrote this, he was telling us to look for the good in the calamity of our life. However, if you’re as disorganized I am, […]

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