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Posted on October 30, 2008

This page is my only defense against lawyers, unhappy readers, and miffed employers, so bear with me!

As it says in the footer, Roving Hearts’ domain and content belongs to Nigel Brady. All photographs also belong to Nigel, unless otherwise specified, in which case they belong to their respective rights holders.

All photographs are available under a Attribution-NoCommercial-Sharealike Creative Commons License, which pretty much means you can use them on your site, photoshop them, print them, etc, etc, etc, as long as I am given credit, these works are not sold commercially, and any derivative works are similarly licensed. How lucky are you?

All my posts and works of creative writing are licensed under an Attribution-NoCommercial-NoDerivative Works Creative Commons License, which means that you can share them freely, as long as the work remains unchanged, is credited to me, and is not done commercially.

I do this because I believe in the free flow of art and information. And because I’m a very generous guy! If you really want to use my content commercially, drop me a line.

All opinions expressed here are Nigel’s alone, and not necessairily those of his employers, family, friends, loved ones, and other people he thinks are cool.

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