Posted on September 8, 2008

A gallery of some of my best (or at least memorable) shots from last year until now.

Infrared Photography

If regular photography is about capturing the moments we can see, then infrared photography is about peering into a world normally hidden from our eyes. By looking beyond the visible spectrum, it’s possible to take extraordinary photos from rather ordinary subjects. An excellent introduction to IR photography can be found here.

For these pictures, I used pretty much the same gear – My Canon Digital Rebel XT, a Hoya R72 IR filter, a tripod, and either my 50mm f/1.8 or 30mm f/1.4 lenses. My D40 seems to be a lot more sensitive to IR light, though I haven’t done any formal tests.

The other fun thing about IR photography is that it forces you to draw upon all your skills as a photographer. For instance, you MUST use a Tripod (exposure times are long). You must compose your image in advance (the viewfinder is near-black with the IR filter on). And finally, you must estimate the exposure (usually 1-5 seconds on a very sunny day).

Color has no meaning in the IR spectrum – the hues you see in the below pictures were directly added/altered by myself either in Aperture or Photoshop. With a good imagination, the possibilities are almost unlimited!

Central Park Zoo
I find it hard to decide what I enjoyed more – watching the animals or taking pictures of them on a warm Saturday afternoon. 

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