Sandy and Chima: Surprise, You’re Getting Married!

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It’s not even spring, yet love is in the air. Or maybe it’s something in the water? In any event, this past Saturday, Chima and Sandy, two of my best (and oldest) friends got engaged. Would you believe that they knew each other for 7 years before kicking things up a notch? True to Chima’s […]

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Congratulations to Ray and Ingrid – Newlyweds!

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Love is in the air, and few of us can resist its sweet fragrance. Yesterday I watched as Ray and Ingrid, two good friends of mine, tied the knot:   And it looks like they know how to take care of each other already! Who says that married couples can’t have their cake and eat […]

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Marry Me a Little?

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As I sit on the crowded train, I am a man alone, lost in his thoughts, as we hurtle towards Queens. I think about this moment – and the hundred of others leading up to it, and the thousands more that will hopefully arrive. I’m at that age, it seems. You know – the age […]

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