Sign of My Times: Marketing Scams and Following the Dream

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There are those of us who, before making any decisions, search the universe for a sign – whether it be in the stars, a change of circumstances, the words of an intimate acquaintance… And sometimes, you are given a sign you aren’t even looking for. For those of you following the saga, I still have […]

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A Checklist for a New Year

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The New Year’s Resolution is as old as Judaism and usually is as empty as a politician’s promise – do we really believe we’ll make sweeping changes in our life just because the year has incremented by one? Still, this is more than just an exercise in cynicism. I can certainly understand the optimism behind […]

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On Being Vulnerable

Posted on December 26, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

As my childhood fades into a pleasant memory, people often ask me what I miss most about it. Summer vacations, Pokemon Cards, and Mr. Softee are high on that list, but give me a moment to speak, and I’ll go on and on about what I really miss – being invincible. Yes, I realize it […]

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‘Twas the (Penultimate) Night Before Christmas…

Posted on December 24, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

Sorry folks, no profound thoughts today – just the random happenings of a random day. “When something is lost, something greater is returned.” I suppose when the great wordsmith Terry Pratchett wrote this, he was telling us to look for the good in the calamity of our life. However, if you’re as disorganized I am, […]

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How Much Are You Really Getting Paid?

Posted on October 7, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Work, Writing | Leave a Comment

Every working man (or woman) has a reason for being at his/her current gig. Some (like me) find it an interesting intellectual exercise. Some are truly passionate about what they do, especially if they’re freelancing, or starting their own shop. And of course, there’s always the pleasant smell of a few green ones in the […]

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The Insolvency Chronicles, Part 4

Posted on October 1, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Work | Leave a Comment

A little over two weeks after the bankruptcy and buyout, things at the office are slowly returning to a semblance of normalcy. Just a semblance. We have been trying to resume our normal development schedule. The thing is, once your work ethic has been damaged (by not knowing if you’re going to be there tomorrow), […]

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Things I’ll Miss Most about Jersey…

Posted on September 22, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Writing | Leave a Comment

As our British Overlords transition us to our new roles, chances are that many of us will be moved out of the Jersey City office. While that moment can’t come soon enough for me, looking back, I realize that crossing the Hudson every day wasn’t all bad. Among the things I’ll miss: The charming small […]

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Man Versus Dog Days

Posted on September 21, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Writing | Leave a Comment

One warm summer evening, a friend and I were walking the city streets in search of delicious Thai food. Suddenly, she turned to me and asked: “Are you one hundred percent honest with yourself?” Like any good question asked under the stars, I gave this one serious thought, but it didn’t take me long to […]

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Life After Five

Posted on September 11, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing | 1 Comment

For us, the so-called “Facebook” generation, keeping tabs on each other has never been easier. An e-mail there, a Wall post there – can people ever truly forget us? But occasional correspondence in passing is very different from actually getting out of your swivel chair and reuniting with someone – you never quite know what […]

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In the beginning, there was an end…

Posted on September 5, 2008 - Filed Under Writing | 1 Comment

A great story often begins with an ending. If the whole point a story is to ask the question “What if?”, then the conclusion is the answer, and the discovery of an important truth. I believe I’ve found a good ending to begin with. Wish me luck!

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