Things I’ll Miss Most about Jersey…

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As our British Overlords transition us to our new roles, chances are that many of us will be moved out of the Jersey City office. While that moment can’t come soon enough for me, looking back, I realize that crossing the Hudson every day wasn’t all bad. Among the things I’ll miss: The charming small […]

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Desire #1 – The Underground

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The doors of the F train beckon, and they approach with a slow tango that sweeps them into the middle of my car; two people in a world entirely of their own making. Distance is painful, whether in inches or centimeters; she stands unchained, but shows no interest in escaping the fervid prison of his […]

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Crashing the U.S. Open

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A funny thing about us New Yorkers is that we’re often terrible at exploring our own backyards!

For years, every time I watched the U.S. Open on TV, part of me smirked, knowing the action was just 15 minutes away from my house. And yet, it was only yesterday that I finally got to see a match in person for the first time (thanks Dave!). And boy did we get lucky – Monday’s night session at Arthur Ashe included the fourth-round match of none other than Serena Williams herself!

I could probably write a small novel about how awesome the evening was, but they say a picture’s a thousand words, so I’ll let my Nikon do some of the storytelling!

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The First Labor Day of the Rest of My Life…

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Will somebody please tell me where the summer went? It seems like only yesterday that May arrived with all her promises of warm weather, barbecues, and the Beijing Olympics. Fast forward to this moment – the fairest season of the year is now a but memory, having zipped by faster than a caffeinated Usain Bolt.  […]

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