Funky Fireworks: Explosive Joy for Everyone

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Quick Quiz: What can cause people young and old, rich and poor, to stare up into the night sky, mouths open in awe, smiling and clapping for sheer joy? If you answered “alien invasion” or “nuclear detonation”, you’re only half correct. The almost primal joy a fireworks display can bring is quite fascinating; it’s as […]

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The Lazy Photographer: Vacation Pics Without Breaking a Sweat!

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Taking vacation photos presents some unique challenges. On one hand, as an aspiring photographer, you want more than simple snapshots – you want memorable pictures that convey the joy of being there. On the other hand, You probably don’t have Richard Branson’s bank account, and unlike the great Ansel Adams, you don’t have the convenience […]

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Vay Kay in the Sunshine State: Prologue

Posted on November 27, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Photography, Writing | 1 Comment

At 4 AM, my alarm unceremoniously summoned me to the world of the waking. As I massaged my eyes, willing my legs to come alive, I asked myself: “When you’re unemployed, isn’t every day a vacation day?” I was going to indulge the writer in me, writing a protracted monologue about going on vacation, taking […]

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Photography – Underground Noir

Posted on October 6, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Photography | 1 Comment

Seedy detectives, beautiful femme fatales, dark subplots…I happen to be a fan of film noir for all the right reasons, but what I love most is the cinematography – the foggy, soft-focused, phantasmagoric city full of mystery and danger. I decided to break in my new computer by dusting off one of my old images […]

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The Return of Pictorialism

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Sometimes, your most interesting photos come entirely by accident: Is it a painting? A photograph? A photograph of a painting? I personally think this is the most unique image I’ve ever taken – the blurred flower petals (yes that’s what they are) look like soft brush strokes on canvas. Not our usual idea of how […]

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Finding Charlotte

Posted on September 9, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Photography | 1 Comment

I’ve been told by various Manhattanites that my neighborhood resembles a quiet country village. In Queens, no less. Still, I can’t help but to be pleasantly shocked and amused by some of the wildlife that calls my backyard home. For instance, I was taking out the trash when I ran into this critter. The above […]

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Five Mistakes Made by Beginning Photographers

Posted on September 7, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Photography | 1 Comment

I begin with a quick disclaimer: Though I’ve been taking casual snapshots for years, I myself am very new to serious photography. How new? If you browse to the end of my Flickr photostream, you’ll notice that the first shot I considered good enough to upload was taken a little over a year ago. Not […]

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Painting by Sight

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Photography is rather unique among the arts in that it involves painting, not with brushes, but with our eye, our instincts, and our sheer audacity to trip the shutter. The implications? Every frame we shoot, whether we are young or old, experienced pro or curious amateur, is an incarnation of our vision, and by way […]

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Crashing the U.S. Open

Posted on September 2, 2008 - Filed Under Photography | Leave a Comment

A funny thing about us New Yorkers is that we’re often terrible at exploring our own backyards!

For years, every time I watched the U.S. Open on TV, part of me smirked, knowing the action was just 15 minutes away from my house. And yet, it was only yesterday that I finally got to see a match in person for the first time (thanks Dave!). And boy did we get lucky – Monday’s night session at Arthur Ashe included the fourth-round match of none other than Serena Williams herself!

I could probably write a small novel about how awesome the evening was, but they say a picture’s a thousand words, so I’ll let my Nikon do some of the storytelling!

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Sometimes 85% of Photography is Just Showing Up!

Posted on September 1, 2008 - Filed Under Photography | Leave a Comment

  I took the above picture last October, in the Central Park Zoo. If I had to name the expression on his face, I’d go with: “irony”. In the year or so that I’ve had the time (and resources) to pursue photography a bit more seriously, I’d have to say that the above shot is […]

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