Quick Picks: Grace: a Novel

Posted on December 16, 2008 - Filed Under Books | 1 Comment

There have been only two books I’ve managed to read cover-to-cover in the span of a single day. Grace, by Richard Paul Evans, is the second, having devoured my entire Saturday. It’s a Christmas tale, yes, but not one that will leave you feeling warm inside; about an America past, where dark secrets were buried […]

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Book Review: Nation

Posted on December 15, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

As a Gaiman, Wolfe, and Tolkien fan, I’d always meant to try something by Terry Pratchett, but it wasn’t until Cory Doctorow’s glowing recommendation of his newest novel Nation that he finally made it onto my radar. And he’s going to stay there a while. If you’re a fan, you probably bought and happily devoured […]

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Blackbird: An African-American Internet at Last?

Posted on December 9, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing | 1 Comment

Yesterday, 40A, Inc created quite a stir in the online community with the release of the Blackbird web browser – an African American web browser. Yes, you heard correctly. An African American web browser. Like Flock, it’s a customized version of Firefox, featuring, among other things: A scrolling “Black News” feed A “black search engine”, […]

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Book Review: An Evil Guest

Posted on December 5, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing | 1 Comment

If you’re a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan and you haven’t heard of Gene Wolfe, all I can do is shake my head – from Book of the New Sun, to The Wizard, to his many short stories, you’ve been missing out on some of the best genre writing out there. But perhaps even more intriguing than those […]

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Mouth on Fire: Duncan Sheik (and friends) At Town Hall

Posted on November 17, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Music | Leave a Comment

I’m on a high, and there’s nothing more to it – listening to Duncan Sheik at Town Hall this past Thursday was definitely one of my year’s highlights. And I’m not exaggerating. If you’re one of my Last.fm buddies, you probably understand just how obsessed I am with his music – apparently I listen to […]

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Quick Pick: Warrior of the Light

Posted on November 15, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing, Writing | Leave a Comment

Two years ago, I finally got to reading a book everyone told me I ought to read – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the bestselling Brazillian author. It was a short, but deeply moving tale with hard-hitting truths that belied its simplicity. It was just as well that I read it then; as a soon-to-be […]

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Quick Pick: Waltz for Koop

Posted on October 24, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing | 1 Comment

The first time I heard the Swedish duo Koop (Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson) on Last.fm, I thought something had gone colossally wrong with the site. In a desperate attempt to wean myself off Massive Attack‘s dangerously addictive album Mezzanine, I had been tuned into their similar artists station, hoping to find other electronica and […]

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Book Review: Anathem

Posted on October 22, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing | Leave a Comment

Even casual fans of speculative fiction need little introduction to Neal Stephenson, whose delightfully original imagination, combined with his instinct for technology and human nature, have helped him produce several genre-defining classics, in areas such as cyberpunk (Snow Crash), post-cyberpunk (The Diamond Age), and historical fiction (Cryptonomicon, The Baroque Cycle). His latest work, Anathem, finds […]

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Nick and Norah – Two Kids, One Mixtape, And a Crazy Night in NYC

Posted on October 9, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Movies, Writing | 1 Comment

So – after passing the above poster in the subways all of last September, and much protracted curiosity and anticipation, I finally got to see Michael Cera’s new film – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, about a pair of quirky teenagers who connect by means of serendipity, the chaos of the Big Apple, and (most […]

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Book Review – The Host

Posted on September 26, 2008 - Filed Under Books, Everything and Nothing, Writing | Leave a Comment

Who else thinks silver eyes look cool? (from Wikipedia) In the year since I’ve been out of school, I’ve had a lot more time (and money) to pursue one of my true passions – Books, books, and more books! The Host is bestselling author Stephanie Meyer’s (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse) first foray into the world […]

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