Short Story: Memories of Hazey Jane

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I won’t try to speak for all writers, but sometimes I do think that story ideas are literally a dime a dozen. Most days they invite themselves over, emerging from the recesses of your mind, making themselves home in your consciousness while you’re doing something else – reading another book, watching a movie, listening to […]

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Work/Life Weighed in the Balance…

Posted on October 3, 2008 - Filed Under Everything and Nothing, Work, Writing | Leave a Comment

A little under a year ago, when I first joined my development group at Lehman Brothers (I will shout that name from the rooftops, now that they’ve gone the way of the dodo), I hit it off with one of my then colleagues. She was friendly; as witty as she was clever – an absolute […]

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In the beginning, there was an end…

Posted on September 5, 2008 - Filed Under Writing | 1 Comment

A great story often begins with an ending. If the whole point a story is to ask the question “What if?”, then the conclusion is the answer, and the discovery of an important truth. I believe I’ve found a good ending to begin with. Wish me luck!

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