The Friend

Posted on September 21, 2008

Dark amber eyes that shimmer in my gaze, 
Incoherent is thought, cast into haze. 
Transfixed by your glance, crucified by your smile, 
We both laugh, and know it will be a while, 
Before we rise, and I leave the paradise,

That you are. How your face glows, 
In the absence of sun, in the  shadow of clouds. 
Neither age nor wind, nor death nor rain, 
Could ever succeed, or put your beauty to shame.

Down in the place, 
Of Marcus the Saint, 
We walk; of circuits and business we talk. 
Of friends old and new, of what’s really true, 
We walk – my hands, they shiver alone, 
How they wish for the company of your own! 
But they have not the courage, they’d rather not dare, 
To give you offense, for friends yet we are, 
Though your lips I would bring to mine from afar. 
And of your flowery scent, I would gladly partake 
And stroke the gentle curves of your face.

I content myself, with only being near, 
The goddess you are; Oh, how I fear 
Your departure, how I want you to stay. 
For these thoughts are true, my words do not play, 
With those gentle ears, or the heart, soft like silk, 
If I were the cereal, you would be the milk, 
Of kindness divine, as fervent as wine, 
I am blinded, but you can do nothing but shine.

Though your hair may not stay the color of night, 
I will always remain. The grey gives me no fright.

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